There is a common perception that “Leadership” is an awarded, external status. I strongly disagree.

Let’s start by defining the word: leader+ship

English: Leader (primary or first, someone who leads, guides, conducts) + ship (state, condition, quality)

In other words, Leadership is:

  • What you prioritize
  • The energy you bring
  • Dependent on if you manage people at work
  • Any external status at work or in life

1. Inclusivity

Leadership is not an exclusive status to be awarded, it is not an invite-only club that requires certain achievements to be a part of…

How Archetypes Can Deepen Understanding of Ourselves and Others

Latin: Arche (beginning, origin) + type (pattern, model)

  • Source code
  • Root of understanding behavior

Think of a story you love: your favorite movie, book, or a person you admire. At the root of…

HR departments are running on empty and need a thank you, a hug and support.

We hear you HR specialists….

Yes, you, the one that is wondering if you have changed your shirt in the last 24 hours while juggling 10,000 plates as if the next best gig is at the circus. First, thank you. It’s November and a time to give thanks. With that in mind, we wanted to recognize the amazing work you do and, as a thank you, provide a few tools to help shepherd you through what is shaping up to be a stressful holiday season.

As HR people, we are accustomed to covering a broad spectrum of responsibilities and pivoting…

Monica Faberman

I help small business owners find, hire, and develop their team so that they can spend more time in their zone of genius.

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